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The Management Team at Enerdyne Power Systems, Inc. brings a great deal of both landfill gas and energy application experience to develop and operate successful energy systems. The Team focus is on the customer and building the gas collection system and compression system to meet each customers needs. The goal is to be invisible to plant operations and to build in reliability and redundancy to insure customer satisfaction. Principal Team members are:

William H. Brinker PRESIDENT
Mr. Brinker has 27 years of experience in sales and product development management. Mr. Brinker founded Enerdyne Power Systems, Inc. in 1993. Since then, he has helped to develop more than 30 landfill gas systems and has been credited by the EPA, LMOP for several innovative projects. In 2007, Mr. Brinker was recognized with a Lifetime Achievement Award for his outstanding contributions to the industry. He was involved in the successful grassroots start-up, Spectra Corporation, as Sales and Product Development Manager of the sublimation technology. He also served as National Distributor, Product Manager and Southeast Sales Manager for Nevamar Corporation. Mr. Brinker has spent the last 13 years involved in environmental projects. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Wake Forest University.

Mr. Brinker has 10 years of landfill gas system construction and maintenance experience. He has participated in the construction of numerous Gas Control and Collection Systems and beneficial end-use projects. Mr. Brinker currently oversees the operations of six EPS projects, works in new business development, and is the managing-member of the construction division of the company, Advance One Development. Mr. Brinker earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Operations and Supply Chain Management form North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC.

Steve Allman Senior Landfill Gas Technician & Site Manager
Mr. Allman has over 22 years of electrical construction and maintenance experience. He has been a licensed North Carolina electrician since 1987. He has seven years of experience in plant management and operation experience from Perfection Gear, Inc. He also has 12 years experience in manufacturing systems and product design engineering. Mr. Allman currently manages the day to day operations of three EPS projects, assists with the operations of three other EPS projects, assist in the training and technical support, and works on new project development. Mr. Allman has 6 years Technical School training with certificates in HVAC systems, Hazardous Communication train the trainer, ISO implantations, Quality Control systems and Mechanical drafting.

Larry Morgan Electrical engineer
Larry Morgan, P.E. has 35 years experience in electrical engineering. This includes 7 years as Duke Energy Distribution Field engineer and engineering supervisor, 10 years as Duke Energy Standards Engineer responsible for Transformers, Protective Equipment, and PURPA interconnects, 12 years as Sr. Customer Engineer for Power Quality, Customer Load Profiling, Innovative Service Solutions, and EPRI/PEAC and University R&D collaborations. Projects include Series Capacitors at 24kV; Harmonic Filters at 24kV and 480v; Voltage Sag Correction at 12kV and 480v; Energy Storage Air, Ice, and Battery technologies; Bringing Multifunctional relays to Customer owned Generation Interconnection with Utilities; NEC and UL Generation Committees; GFIS , load flow and circuit protective coordination automation and Contributing Author to IEEE 1346 Power Quality Standard and IEEE 1547 Standard for Interconnecting Distributed Resources with Electric Power Systems (Fuel Cells, Photovoltaic's, Dispersed Generation and Energy Storage) and UL 1741 Anti Islanding standard.

He is a 1974 BS graduate of Clemson University in Electrical and Computer Engineering and has provided guest lecture to University, EPRI, IEEE, and Trade organizations.

Mr. Morgan Continued Generation experience includes 2 years at Caterpillar as a Generator Technician and 5 years at as a Project Engineer developing single and multiple engine Standby and Prime projects for Diesel, Nat Gas, Blended Fuel, Bio-Diesel, and Landfill and Digester Gas projects.

Kathleen S. Masters CONTROLLER
Ms. Masters has over 20 years of start-up, business management and accounting experience. She oversees all administrative activities for the company, including accounting, business operations, human resources, customer service and project record keeping.

Andrew W. Murrer Construction Manager
Mr. Murrer has seven years of landfill gas system construction and maintenance experience. He is involved with the management and maintenance of six long-term EPS projects. He is also a key construction manager in the construction division of the company, Advance One Development. Mr. Murrer earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Operations and Supply Chain Management from North Carolina State University.