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Big Run Bi-County Alcoa Onslow Fort Bend Oak Grove Black Oak  
Big Run Bi-County Alcoa Onslow Ft Bend Oak Grove Black Oak  

Big Run Power Producers, LLC:
Developed a GCCS project with a temporary flare currently in place. The Big Run landfill accepts over 3500 tones of waste per day. With high potential for LFG, we are still searching for our end-use.(more)

Bi-County Gas Producers, LLC:
This 2 engine LFGTE project came online in August 2011 and has been running smoothly. The power produced is purchased under TVA's Generation Partners Program and redistributed to local homes and businesses.(more)

Alcoa Gas Producers, LLC:
Developing a completely voluntary LFGE project with 32 wells and an active flare. The Caterpillar 3516A+ LFG engine became operational in August 2011.(more)

Onslow Power Producers, LLC:
The Onslow Power Producers project is located on an open, stable landfill in eastern NC. The end use of this project is Power Production. This 1.953 MW project utilizes a Caterpillar 3520C engine. Progress Energy is the end user of generated power. Power production began November 15, 2013. (more)

Ft. Bend Power Producers, LLC:
This larger landfill is currently producing 1500+ scfm of landfill gas for a High-BTU facility. The gas is upgraded to pipeline quality natural gas and has plans for many future expansions.(more)

Oak Grove Power Producers, LLC:
Located in Arcadia, KS, Oak Grove Power Producers currently has production capacities of 3.5 mW. OGPP came online with its first engine in 2010 and added a sencond in 2013; selling energy to 3rd parties.(more)

Black Oak Power Producers, LLC:
Located in Hartville, MO, the Black Oak site is producing is producing approx. 1150 scfm @ 54% CH4. Two Caterpillar 3520C engines are planned for a power generation capacity of over 3.8 mW.(more)


...and projects that are already complete!
Pitt Greenville Asehville wewoka Catawba Newton Other Posts
Pitt Greenville Asheville Wewoka Catawba Newton Other Projects

Pitt Landfill Gas, LLC:
Developed a medium-BTU project connecting the Pitt County Landfill with University Health Care Systems Hospital with a 2.5-mile pipeline. Two of the Hospital’s base-loading boilers were retrofitted to handle No. 2 oil, natural gas and landfill gas.(more)

Greenville Gas Producers, LLC:
Developed the Greenville County Enoree Landfill into a 3.2 MW power plant. The power is sold to Duke Energy Carolinas, LLC. The project is also believed to be the first known landfill project in the United States to be validated, verified and able to sell carbon credits under the VCS protocol. (more)

Asheville Landfill Gas, LLC:
Developed the Buncombe County Riverside Landfill with several types of end uses. The first project was a two-mile pipeline connecting the landfill to the Metropolitan Sewerage District. The second project fuels a one megawatt generator that was North Carolina’s first certified NC Green Power project. (more)

Wewoka Gas Producers, LLCA direct use and flare project where landfill gas is piped directly to a nearby brick plant. Commercial brick will use methane gas from the Sooner Landfill to fire brick drying kilns. Excess LFG will be flared off to earn carbon credits as this is a non-NSPS site. (more)

Catawba Landfill Gas, LLC:
Developed the Blackburn Landfill into a three MW site. The gas company sells the gas back to Catawba County. The County owns three JenBacher engines powering the gas collection system to produce around 1,200 SCFM of landfill gas (more)

Newton Landfill Gas, LLC:
Developed the Newton Landfill project. (more)

Enerdyne Power Systems has been around for over 17 years and has developed many projects. (more)