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Greenville: Press Events

On September 4th, 2008 a ribbon cutting ceremony was held at the Enoree Landfill directly next to the Greenville Gas Producers Power Plant. One engine was left running so that attendees could hear how quiet an engine runs at full speed and the other engine was left off so that people could tour the inside. Key note speakers included Butch Kirven, Chairman of County Comissioners, Tom Frankiewicz from the United States EPA’s Landfill Methane Outreach Program, Steve Smith from Duke Energy, and William P. Brinker from Greenville Gas Producers.

Mr. Kirven gave the crowd of community members, friends and family of contributors, and news people a broad description of the project and how it came to be. He expressed his appreciation from the County Commissioners and the community and congratulated the team of major contributors on their accomplishment. William Brinker then gave a more in depth background of the two year process that took place to create Greenville Gas Producers. He touched on a few of the resulting benefits of the project and introduced Mr. Frankiewicz to elaborate on the environmentally beneficial factors. Overall, the ribbon cutting and the PR from this project has been a tremendous success.

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