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Greenville: Power Plant Construction & Plant Operation

Once planning and permitting was completed construction commenced.

Concrete was laid for our transformer pads, engine pads, siloxane skid pad, and building pad. Major plant components were delivered strategically on the same day because most of them required the use of a 110 ton crane to put them in place. Preparation for the event was a very lengthy and difficult process. The first part involved running electrical, air, gas, and water lines underground inside the footprint of the plant. Next, concrete pads were poured for the generators, transformers, the gas treatment skid, and a steel building that would house supplies and a data room. The transformers were placed first and some of the electrical lines were run as they were mounted on their pads. Next the short pipeline from the gas treatment skid to the generators was fabricated and laid featuring another sump to catch any moisture that may have made it through the process before entering the generators.
Aesthetic measures were also taken by placing the large boulders that were removed during grading and placing them around the plant. Plans also included a six foot fence with barbed wire to protect the public.