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Greenville: Equipment & Carbon Offsets

GGP teamed up with Blanchard Caterpillar to purchase generators to create the power. The power plant utilizes two Caterpillar G3520 LFG engines. These are 20-cylindar, 2350HP, 1.6MW engines. These are clean and efficient engines. Although the landfill has recently closed, it is expected to operate at 3.2MW capacity for several years to come.

Dick Prosser, P.E. of G.C. Environmental, Inc. out of Anaheim, California designed the state of the art gas treatment skid. This revolutionary new gas treatment system effectively and efficiently removes siloxanes and other harmful constituents in the gas. This patent pending treatment skid features vessels with a carbon media mixture that serves as a filter for the gas as well as a chiller that cools the gas and prepares it for entry into the generators.

This GCCS was completely voluntary. Because of its voluntary status the project qualified to produce‘Carbon’ offsets. It became the First US landfill gas project the be Validated, Verified, Certified, and traded to the Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS). VCS is the most stringent and recognized carbon standard in the world. The project has already generated and sold thousands of Verified Emission Reductions (VERs).


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