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Greenville: Finding an End-Use

Perhaps the most difficult situation that arose during the two year process of creating Greenville Gas Producers was the end use portion. GGP began negotiated with several entities about utilizing the LFG as an alternative renewable resource in the form of gas, steam, or power.

GGP contacted local industries that were candidates to receive gas for a medium BTU application; however, in the end GGP concluded that power generation was the most economically feasible and beneficial end-use application for the project.

The blower flare skid was logically placed next to an existing Laurens Electric three phase power pole for two reasons: One, to provide the necessary power required by the equipment; and Two, to create an option for the power application. However, Laurens Electric Cooperative could not buy power. Laurens Electric could only buy power from Santee Cooper.

 About one mile off the backside of the landfill, in the next county over (Spartanburg County), there was a Duke Energy distribution line. Contacting Duke found a receptive group to the idea that a line be built to the Duke Energy System.

There were several hurtles with this option including crossing the Enoree River. The route requirements were expanded when the river qualified as a ‘navigable water way’.  The surrounding banks needed to be evaluated to confirm or deny the existence of protected wetlands. This required permits from both Greenville & Spartanburg Counties, the Army Corps. of Engineer, SC DHEC Bureau of Water, and SC DNR.

Duke’s existing single phase power lines were not capable of accepting the proposed amount of power. The Duke facilities required 2.5 miles be upgraded.

Also in the path were other substantial obstacles:
New Horizons Electric had a major power transmission line, Piedmont Natural Gas had their main 800 PSI, twelve inch, high pressure gas distribution line, Greer Natural Gas had multiple four inch natural gas distribution lines, there were 3 SCDOT regulated road crossings, and additional private Right-of-Way needed to be aquired.

Greenville Gas Producers LLC and Duke Energy Carolinas LLC successfully negotiated and executed a Power Purchase Agreement and construction began!