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Greenville: Construction & County Participation

The gas control and collection system (GCCS) featured 51 vertical gas collection wells that consisted of a 36” bore, 8” slotted PVC Schedule 80 Pipe, Number 57 wash stone for filtering, two bentonite plugs, and Landtec style wellheads. Enerdyne/A1 also tied into 25 existing cleanouts for an extra source of gas extraction.

The blower/flare station was built by EPS. It included a condensate knockout, a large nine-stage 100HP centrifugal HSI blower to create vacuum on the system, and a series of pneumatic valves designed to direct the flow of the gas to the flare or future end user. A Siemens Ultra-mat 23 methane analyzer, Gardner Denver Rotary Screw 7.5HP air compressor (for process and control air, knockouts, & air valves), Veric flame arrestor, Rosemount controllers for pressure, temperature, and flow,  all contributing to making this a very efficient piece of equipment. The control cabinet provided by Perennial Energy, features a VFD for the HSI blower, a touch screen Direct-Logic PLC, a Yokogowa 6 channel digital chart recorder, and a Guard-it auto dialer for notifying our personnel if there is a system problem. This equipment allows the on-site operator to manipulate the system and maximize its efficiency, as well as allowing our off-site employees call-in capabilities to provide a snapshot of system performance.

The County receives several benefits over the life of the project. Revenue from gas payments and revenues associated with credits (Carbon / REC/ Tax). GGP will also operate and manage the project at no cost to the County. This includes capital improvements to the well-field and equipment, general well-filed O&M, and all associated responsibilities to the end-use project.


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