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Benefits & Major Accomplishments

Greenville Gas Producers began alleviating issues commonly associated with landfills from the very beginning. The steps that Greenville Gas Producers has taken at the Enoree landfill have drastically improved the environmental conditions of the local community and the earth as a whole. Some benefits include: gas and odor migration control to surrounding neighbors, potential reduction of ground water contamination, and a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions that would otherwise be destroying our O-Zone Layer.

Conversely, Greenville Gas Producers is supplying renewable energy / ‘Green Power’ to the Greenville area which reduces the amount of power that other providers may be supplying from other more harmful sources like coal or oil to generate power for that area.

The United States EPA’s Landfill Methane Outreach Program determined that the annual reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from the Greenville Gas Producers Project is equivalent to taking 25,000 vehicles off the road, keeping 319,000 barrels of oil from being burned, or planting 31,000 acres of pine or fir forests. Also, Duke Energy determined that the power production from the GGP plant is enough to power roughly 2,000 average size homes per year.

The County of Greenville has turned their liability into an Asset! By working with GGP the County has already began to see revenues from the project and they have not had any expense related to the project.

Several LMOP partners were involved in the project: Enerdyne Power Systems Inc, Advance One Development, G.C. Environmental, Golder Associates, Duke Energy Carolinas LLC, Caterpillar, County of Greenville, & Greenville Gas Producers, LLC.