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"At Enerdyne Power Systems we have been advocates for safety and the environment for the past 20 years. It is a stance and a lifestyle adopted by our team. We take pride in every landfill gas project we can help to foster. Landfill gas is a serious issue and opportunity. We can utilize this clean burning fuel in many applications that help conserve our precious fossil fuels benefiting the local community and industry.”

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Mission Statement
Our mission at Enerdyne is to accomplish every task with the highest achievable quality and reliability. We pride ourselves on building lasting relationships with everyone we do business with, and it is our goal to make every project and business transaction a win-win situation for all parties involved.

Our History
Enerdyne Power Systems, Inc. (EPS) is a landfill gas system developer, co-developer, owner and operator. EPS has had an active role in the development of more than 30 projects. We are unique in that less than half of the operational systems we are involved in today are required by NSPS. Eleven of the projects are voluntary. Each county and company that has teamed with Enerdyne has done so to be “ahead of the curve”, to be proactive within the community, and to be a good neighbor. The gas systems are custom built. We find the customer and tailor the gas collection system and delivery system to meet that customer’s needs. The customers can be private or public entities. EPS caters to both. We have forged partnerships with Pitt County Memorial Hospital; the Metropolitan Sewerage District of Buncombe County, NC; Catawba County, NC; Cargill; Mallinckrodt Chemical; Clement Pappas; Duke Power; Progress Energy and others. Each project has required the support of the solid waste director and staff, the county and county managers, councilmen, commissioners, state regulatory bodies, the DOT, the Army Corp of Engineers, cooperation of neighbors, and strong commitments by all to see the projects to fruition.

With more than 100 years of landfill gas operations experience, Enerdyne has never had a notice of violation (NOV), is intimately familiar with NSPS, and has helped craft changes in NSPS to help more projects come on line. We are now working together with personnel from GC Environmental (GCE) in the most difficult environmental arena in California. We are now intimately familiar with the most stringent compliance requirements in the country. Enerdyne was awarded the gas rights and was responsible for compliance at three of Waste Management’s largest facilities and has developed techniques to keep gas wells alive and well in the face of active filling operations.

Enerdyne operates its own energy recovery plants. We currently operate six projects in North Carolina and South Carolina. Enerdyne's sister entity, Advance One Development, LLC, builds gas collection systems for the general public. We have heavy construction equipment as well as seven different kinds of welders to handle ½-inch, and up to 24-inch, pipe. We maintain a separate rental fleet of blower/flares, from 150 SCFM to 2800 SCFM, to support our customers in the region. Depending upon the needs, we can bring appropriate equipment to support the local efforts and not need to rely on outside contractors.