2011 LMOP Industry Partner of the Year
On January 18th, 2012, EPA's Landfill Methane Outreach Program awarded Enerdyne Power Systems the award for 2011 Industry Partner of the Year.

From LMOP:
"Founded in 1991, Enerdyne has been active for more than 20 years in the LFG industry. Recently, instead of building projects with the intention of selling, Enerdyne began building projects that will spend their lifetimes under the company umbrella. Enerdyne internalizes project development as much as possible, leading to reduced costs, fewer delays, and complete control over projects that require extensive planning and maintenance. As of August 2011, Enerdyne operates five power generation, three direct-use, and three flare-only (with potential to recover energy) projects that span eight states, generating nearly 8 MW and combusting approximately 3,000 scfm LFG. In order to promote the beneficial environmental impact of LFG energy projects, Enerdyne held three ribbon-cutting ceremonies in 2011 for sites in Tennessee and Oklahoma. "

2009 North Carolina Sustainable Energy Award
On April 14, 2009, the North Carolina State Energy Office presented the Sustainable Energy Champion Award to Enerdyne Power Systems, Inc. for developing numerous renewable energy projects in North Carolina over the last 20 years and otherwise establishing itself as one of the most accomplished landfill gas developers in the region.

2008 Project of the Year Award GREENVILLE, NC
We received the 2008 Environmental Protection Agency's Landfill Methane Outreach Program Project of the Year in the Electricity Division for a project called Greenville Gas Producers in Greenville, SC. It was the first known LFGTE (Landfill Gas to Energy) project to successfully verify carbon credits beneath the stringent "Voluntary Carbon Standard." We overcame various permitting obstacles to construct a power line over a navigable waterway and through about a mile of private property to reach Duke Energy's grid.

2008 Standing Ovation Award
Our Asheville, NC, site won the 2008 Standing Ovation Award for outstanding efforts to clean and purify the air in Asheville, NC, by reducing methane migration. Our partners in this project have also received awards for their efforts.
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2006 Lifetime Achievement Award BILL BRINKER
In 2006 Bill Brinker was given a lifetime achievement award for becoming one of the most accomplished landfill gas developers in the United States. He was inducted into the Hall of Flame.

2004 EPA Project of the Year Award waverly, VA
We received the 2004 EPA Project of the Year Award for a 23-mile pipeline project. The project involved acquiring a right-of-way, placing an 18-inch HDPE pipeline through many miles of eastern Virginia lowlands and eight miles of directional boring. It went through two counties, a town and a city to Honeywell's Nylon Ammonia Reformer. The plant manufactures caprolactam (a base-building block for nylon) and ammonium nitrate (for fertilizer).

1999 EPA Industry Ally of the Year
We were awarded 1999 EPA Industry Ally of the Year for constructing five unique pioneering projects. The projects allow dual fuels to burn simultaneously in standard package boilers, gas turbines and redundant systems to supply: the critical needs of a major hospital; power to a pharmaceutical manufacturer; steam to a soybean plant; power to Dowtherm heaters and power for regenerative thermal oxidizer applications.

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